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This Town Needs Guns

Oxford is home to the oldest University in the English-speaking world, but more recently has been acknowledged as a musical hotbed with a habit of producing some of the most vital bands around today (Radiohead and Foals, to name a few). Their latest export is This Town Needs Guns, a band being hailed as the darling buds of the thriving UK indie scene. The band have toured across Europe with the likes of I Was A Cub Scout, Meet Me In St Louis, Rolo Tomassi and Maps & Atlases and the release of 2007’s split EP with Cats And Cats And Cats garnered critical acclaim from fans and press alike.
This Town Needs Guns entered the studio in April 2008, setting out to find an intricate balance between indie rock, catchy pop and technical prowess, all while ignoring the lure of special effects and studio wizardry. Through this process, their debut full-length Animals was born; a collection of songs that bring to light the band’s pure, clever and earnest song writing ability. Tim Collis’ guitar sounds as though it’s being caressed by 6 hands as his brother, Chris, flings his sticks around the drum kit not wanting to leave any tiny patch un-touched. Bassist Jamie Cooper completes the rhythm section with his dancey, jazz influenced bass lines while Stuart Smith’s vocals dip and soar, taking this record from thought provoking depths to sky-scraping triumphs.

The Tidal Sleep

I think music is the most effective form of communication. It goes well beyond gender, race, age, class, etc. It does not rely on language or words. So that “message” is bound to travel no matter what sort of label you want to place on it.” - Justin Pearson.



Mutinity On The Bounty

During the month of august 2011, with a new line-up , Mutiny on the Bounty completed the recordings for their second album. The addition of Cedric Czaika on the bass and Clement Delporte on the guitar has allowed MOTB to kick things off again with a bang.
It must be said that since 2004, the Luxembourgish band has certainly not taken it easy (10 tours with over 400 concerts , supporting the likes of Franz Ferdinand, Kings of Leon, Coheed and Cambria, Portugal the Man or even And so i watch you from afar...) with some highlights along the way such as their recent appearance at the SXSW in Austin, Texas. The producer for the new album is non other than Matt Bayles, famous for his work with say Pearl Jam or Mastodon. The results of this collaboration reveal a new facet to their music. Their mixture of mathrock now englobes more synthetic and electronic sounding elements (which is very noticeable in the guitar sounds that are sometimes closer to an organ or a keyboard than a guitar) and their songwriting is more varied and melodic than the past. While prior to this, they might have preferred a more frontal attack with their music, they no longer hesitate to elaborate large and darker soundscapes without turning their back on the energetic math rock that formed their roots to begin with. In doing so, MOTB also have accentuated their geekier side which has also allowed them to be placed alongside other bands such as Battles and Foals, with whom they share a love and passion for creating music that is not only cerebral but also danceable.

Cannon For Cordoba

cfc from frankfurt were founded in 2009. the intention: doing what we love - music. but still everything is about the question of musicstyle. why not? cfc plays music with head, hand, foot, heart and statement: post-hardcore meets punkrock-attitude. that´s it! there aren´t new inventions concerning music. but performed with honesty and commitment. the purpose is to play the first shows, after the ep is released on lechuza records. if you can offer us one, feel free to contact us.